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Doing Mohr for your animals than anyone else out there!


When You Need Mohr

Welcome to the Mohr Method Group!

If you want better, just demand Mohr! 


All Mohr Method approved trimmers have dedicated themselves to the betterment of every animal we have the pleasure of trimming. 


All approved trimmers have completed rigorous training to ensure only the best quality work. With an ear to science, balance in our eyes and compassion in our hearts, we strive to make every trim the best trim. 


With nationwide coverage you can be assured that a highly trained, ethical professional is happy to be able to offer regular routes every 4-6 months for sedation free and restraint free hoof care in the convenience and safety of your home. 


We look forward to meeting everyone and all your critters!


Thank you for joining the Mohr Method family, home of much Mohr than a hoof trim! 

Coverage Map

MOHR Coverage Map.png
Copy of Emily%20Mohring%20Profile%20Pic%20%232_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Emily Mohring
Copy of BrandeeBio2_edited.jpg
Brandee Green
Emily Ellsworth BW_edited.jpg
Emily Ellsworth
Profile Pic_edited.jpg
Harley Swan
Copy of Cassie looking_edited.jpg
Cassie Wood
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