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Harley Swan

Hi, I'm Harley and my love of pigs goes back further than I can even remember. In fact, even as a little girl, in my elementary school journal, I once wrote “I wish I can have a pig.” This was just the beginning of lifelong love of all things swine for me. In 2006, I finally got my wish and got my first love, Franklin. Since then I have added two more beautiful girls to my home, Frances and Punkin.

Professionally, I spent many years doing different jobs, trying to find my passion. I realized my true passion really came down to one thing: helping pigs. It was at that point that I joined up with Emily the Trimmer and started the Mohr Method apprenticeship in late 2020, and finally dared to ask myself, is there really a way to make pigs my actual full-time job?? 

Emily showed me that the answer was a resounding yes! In the fall of 2021, I finally made the move to devote myself to being a proud Mohr Method approved trimmer full-time. I can't wait to meet you and your pigs to give them the quality hoof care (and love) that they deserve!


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What a wonderful visit we had with Harley! Totally relaxed, focused and attentive. She was steady as a rock as she worked on our screaming girl! Poppy and Lucy look amazing. If you need hoof trims, call Swine Services. That's your last stop on pigs hooves.

Anne Haley and Michael Bryant

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