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How it Works

A genuine passion for hoof care and a love for the animals we have the privilege to work with. 

Hands on training with mentor to reliably and consistently put out top quality work and deliver the best experience possible for both the animal and the owner. 


With our nationwide coverage you are assured that a highly trained, ethical professional will come to you. Routes are run every 4 - 6 months through most areas. We offer sedation free, restraint free hoof care in the convenience and safety of your home or property. 


We have a dedication to 501c3 rescues and sanctuary’s and firmly believe in #adoptdontshop for adding a porcine friend to the family. We love being a cog in the wheel of a well oiled rescue, keeping the animals in top notch shape and happy on their feet makes the long dusty hours worth it.


What it takes to be Mohr Method Approved

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