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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work on intact male pigs?
    No. Due to the safety risk commonly associated with intact male pigs (boars), it is not a risk that they are willing to take. We highly encourage and recommend neutering your males and we can have a farrier take care of your pig’s no sooner than 30 days after the procedure.
  • Do you work with breeders?
    No we do not. We are very active with local and out of state sanctuaries and breeding operations for profit goes against our personal/professional morals and ethics.
  • Do you service my area?
    Yes! We have farriers that travel and together within our network are able to cover the United States. We are looking into expanding to international coverage once the borders open up from the pandemic.
  • How much is the trip fee for my area?
    For an out-of-state farrier the trip fee ranges between $150-$250 per household. For a local in-state farrier the trip fee varies depending on your location, the less traveling the farrier does, the smaller your trip fee. Usually it ranges $20-$90 per household (give or take)
  • Are the service costs included in the trip fee?
    They are not. The trip fee acts as a deposit to cover the farriers travel expenses and is due ahead of time to secure your spot on the route. The service costs are for the actual work performed on the animal and is not due until the appointment is finished.
  • How much does a trim cost?
    Pig hoof trim: $90 Pig tusk trim: $40 Pig eye/ear cleaning: $20 Dog nail trim: $25 Goats/Sheep hoof trim: $25 Equine hoof trim: $100 (for corrective/consultations ONLY with current farrier present at appointment)
  • What happens if my pig eats after the time window or isn’t contained properly before the appointment?
    If your pig grazes or eats anything after the time window block listed in the schedule you received or is not contained properly, then you forfeit your trip fee and the farrier will have to leave. They are not willing to risk the safety of the pig (or themselves) in any way which is why we have our rules and instructions clearly stated before the appointment. Please read and follow them once you receive your scheduled date and time.
  • If I “Opt out” of a route does that take me off future trip lists?
    No. It simply lets us know that you do not want to participate in the current trip being planned. You will be included in all future notifications until you tell us specifically to take you off of our contacts list.
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